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Christopher Franklin has worked with a variety of clients, but he has a special interest and experience with the following Business Extensions



Primary Medical Media develops a broad range of video and media products for the medical industry. Our expertise includes training, education, marketing media elements for all types of medical clients. Producing medical media is a highly skilled art form that requires experience with both writing and demonstrating complex skills or concepts to varying audiences. Our work includes elements in the following: Clinical Skills & Assessments,Medical Devices, Medical Environment Engagement, Clinical Trials, Complex Concepts, Commercials and PSAs


inspire MEDIA ministries

Inspire Media Ministries equips pastors, church leaders, and worship leaders with powerful videos to give  value adds to sermons, teaching, and worship experiences. Inspire vMedia Ministries also has workshops, seminars and does consulting for churches looking to grow and manage their media ministries.



Brand Builder 2.0 is a division of Christopher Franklin that focuses on re-branding small businesses as they have seen a growth and have realized the image and brand of the company does not match with the materials that are representing them in the market. Brand Builder 2.0 is the second wave (Hence the 2.0) of business collateral, internal and external communication for a more impressive relaunch of the business with a more focused brand.


These three business extensions service a specific niche of the marketing industry and have saved our clients time and money by providing a plan to accomplish their goals on-time and in budget.

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